In a report titled, “Empower: Creating housing stability + empowering clients for a bright future,” HOME, Inc. has released its accomplishments for the 2017-18 fiscal year. 

In an open letter to readers, our Executive Director Pam Carmichael recognized that HOME, Inc. had celebrated 50 years:

Even 50 years ago, we understood that quality affordable housing was the foundation to stabilizing families. In five decades, we have acquired, rehabbed or built 380 homes and helped 285 families become homeowners. We have done everything from converting former public housing into an affordable condo association to developing affordable housing for homeless families. We also served 168,000 households through counseling and programs that assisted landlords and tenants, first-time homebuyers, homebuyers in general, as well those facing homelessness.

As for accomplishments for the past year, HOME Inc. served:

 2,375 clients through the Community Housing Services Program (CHSP), which provides both counseling and education.

  • 36 families and 89 children through HOPE for Stable Families.
  • 13 households through the Metro Home Improvement Program (MHIP) that assists low-income homeowners make critical improvements to their homes.
  • 315 Central Iowa households through homebuyer education.
  • To read about the rest of accomplishments, download the 2017-18 annual report <insert link> here.

Goals for the coming year include:

Our immediate plans are to continue with the development of units in Capitol Park, expand homebuyer education, and work to offer more lease/purchase opportunities for our clients. We will continue to empower our clients to understand their rights and responsibilities as tenants, landlords, homeowners and near homeless families.