As I start writing this blog, I am thinking of some pun that connects the eHome course that HOME, Inc. provides with the fact that now everything is online. But, the eHome course has always been online and has always been a great way to learn how to become a homeowner. We are proud to have eHome as one of our programs here at HOME, Inc., even if we are virtual… I guess eHOME, Inc.?

Cheesy and bad jokes aside, we are so happy it is eHome America’s Homebuyer Month Campaign!! June is National Homebuyer Month and eHome America is on board helping more people become homeowners.

First things first, a refresher on what eHome is, we provide an on-line homebuyer course eHome America. Upon completing the course the participant attends a one-hour counseling session with us. We encourage you to complete this program early in the home purchase process to provide you with the tools you need to successfully navigate the homebuyer experience, determine the best financial decisions for your household, avoid pitfalls, and make the buying process as smooth as possible. Here is our link:

During June, eHome will run a campaign to encourage the public to enroll in the course. They will be present on their Facebook page ( and having raffles for prospective homeowners. So hop on Facebook and enter the raffle or share with your friends who might want to! Plus eHome is offering everyday tricks and tips for homeowners and prospective homeowners. Educate yourself and others!

If you or a friend wants to complete the eHome course, there is a discount for this month! By using the code EHOME5OFF, you will indeed get $5 off your course. I know, pretty awesome. 

For more information about the eHome program, head to our homeownership tab and click on eHome America page.