We never stop growing. We often think that once we reach adulthood, we are set. But that’s not true. We continue to learn, to fail, to win, to experience life. And sometimes we have the ability to use our experiences to help educate others through our wisdom.

Maurice purchased his home in 2002. At the time he was a single father of two. He continued to value it and make improvements to it, such as adding a garage in his backyard. He was able to increase the assessed value by 24%. He bought his home for $130,200 and now it is valued at $161,400. As his house is growing up, the value continues to rise and benefit the homeowners and the community surrounding it.

Maurice decided to refinance his home. This worked well for him as he was able to receive a lower interest rate and now is almost able to pay off his mortgage. As Maurice and his family continued to grow, his children were moving out and starting their own lives.

Through his time working with HOME, Inc. Maurice learned many lessons. HOME Inc. “helped him out” by teaching him about equity, insurance, and how to purchase a home. By having someone there to support him, Maurice was able to grow in his knowledge, finance, and security knowing he could purchase a home.

Maurice enjoys the privacy of owning a home and feels at peace, “having a home takes off so much stress”. After witnessing his experience and relationship with HOME Inc, his daughter is now working with HOME Inc to buy her own home. One of his favorite things about the house is the neighborhood, “It is superb.” We are thankful that Maurice and his family appreciate their home, neighborhood, and ability to grow.