HOME, Inc. has been around for over 50 years. Below is a look at some of things we have been able to accomplish over the years. Enjoy!

  • 1970: First Federally subsidized HUD 235 (j) rehab project completed.
  • 1979: HOME, Inc. purchases and rehabs two duplexes to provide rental housing.
  • 1983: HOME, Inc. owned a total 34 buildings that they are using as rental properties.
  • 1990: The Affordable Housing Rehabilitation Service was expanded assisting 38 households within 3 months.
  • 1996: Broke ground on two new single-family homes in the Capitol East Neighborhood.
  • 1999: 1 historic property rehabilitation completed for resale.
  • 2002: Applied and received city bid for construction of 10 new single-family homes in the Capitol East Neighborhood.
  • 2005: Implement a plan to purchase single family housing units from the Des Moines Municipal Housing Agency for homeownership opportunities for low-income families.
  • 2006: Expanding contracting services to rural Dallas County
  • 2007: United Way transferred ownership of four long term lease-purchase homes to HOME, Inc.

Now, looking at the 2018 annual report, we have 5 lots for future development, 3 new construction units, 6 developed units, 6 managed contract properties, 5 rental properties maintained for supportive services, and 13 completed metro home improvement projects.

We are proud of the housing services we provide and hope to continue to create housing stability in our community!