We might have spotted a superhero here in Des Moines. Description includes an amazing woman, working hard, and making her life and her family’s lives incredible. That’s a superhero to us here at HOME, Inc.

Chrissy purchased her home from HOME, Inc. at the end of November 2018. All HOME, Inc. houses are 2-4 bedroom single family homes complete with a garage. If there is a basement in the home, our organization does not finish it, but, we do provide the necessities in order to be finished at a later date.

Can you guess what this superwoman did?! She finished the basement in just six months living in the home. WOW! Finishing a basement is such a complex task to undertake and we are so impressed Chrissy has been able to accomplish so much in the past six months.

One of the reasons we are so happy that Chrissy is making updates to her house is because home improvements are a staple to homeownership. There are many benefits of updating a house including: making it seem more comfortable, making it more energy efficient, keeping up with maintenance, and better curb appeal. Continual updates to a home is essential to increase or maintain the market price of a home.

“Losing value of a real estate is usually caused by neglect in a property’s maintenance. Therefore, in the long run, regular maintenance is crucial for the property’s value to appreciate.”

So yes, Superwoman is real. Homeowners are superheroes. And Chrissy is soaring and creating a better life at home for her family.