Christmas can be a difficult time for low-income families, trying to find wiggle room in already stretched budgets adds stress in a normal year. Add in a pandemic where many parents have lost their jobs, are facing eviction or debt, and a quarantine on top of it all has been extremely difficult. Although most landlords tend to not evict during the month of December, the CDC moratorium expires on December 31, 2020, so many families will be evicted in January and February of 2021. With children being home due to school/daycare closings, utilities are higher than normal and add even more stress to a jolly season. This means it is the perfect time to support families so they can stay on top of their rent and utilities these next few months.

We are all struggling to adapt to a new “normal” and come out of this trying time relatively unscathed, and Holidays can be a great time to raise spirits and boost morale. Christmas is most children’s favorite holiday, and it is important for them to have fun this Christmas, especially since many of them cannot see their extended families due to COVID restrictions. Agencies that typically assist with the cost of Christmas, are struggling due to the influx of community members who need support.

Parents who cannot provide gifts for their children feel guilty, especially when celebrating Christmas means sharing food and exchanging gifts. HOME, Inc. has prevented 230 families from becoming homeless, and even more, families are needing support throughout this holiday season. If you are interested in adopting a family to help them provide a remarkable Christmas this year, please contact Kourtney Kirckpatrick. (515) 243 – 1277 ext. 212 or