The first official day of spring was March 20th, and we are here with some Handyman Dan tips to help keep your home in tip top shape for this spring!

  1. Check your Air Conditioning prior to use and call for service if needed. Have the condensing unit cleaned, and change the filter to ensure your home has the ability to keep you cool when the weather gets warm!
  2. Keep your basement dry during April showers! While we all look forward to May flowers, nobody looks forward to a wet basement. Clear clogged downspouts and make sure the discharge flows away from the house to keep your home dry this spring!
  3. Check for leaks in your roof! Especially pay attention to valleys and flashing around the pipes!
  4. Seed the bare sports in your law, and have your mower serviced in preparation for green grasses! Don’t forget to sharpen and balance the blades too!
  5. Replace any broken glass windows, and check the glazing on your windows to keep your home dry and energy-efficient!
  6. As the cold winter days slowly fade away, have a reputable chimney sweep clean and sweep your chimney!

All these tips and more will help keep your home safe, efficient, and ready for whatever mother nature throws at us this coming spring and summer!