We all need support. We seek support for affirmation, kindness, or support to help us make a decision. Support comes from many places. It can be an uplifting social media post, a conversation with a friend or family member, or a professional who can help you accomplish your goal. After having conversations with a homeownership counselor, Sheri decided she had the support she needed to start the journey of homeownership.

Homeownership is a scary topic. It’s hard to know when you are ready to start the journey, so to have support is essential. HOME, Inc. is here to help create that support for anyone who has questions regarding the process.

Sheri started working with our homeownership coordinator regarding buying and owning a house. By learning more about budgeting and savings, Sheri equipped her toolkit and was ready and supported in her homeownership journey.

In 2014, Sheri was able to purchase her home. With 29% of the costs being covered by grants, Sheri had an amazing opportunity to improve and continue to add value to her house. Throughout her time in her new home, she has increased the assessed value by 30%. As HOME, Inc. has supported Sheri through her homebuying process. She supported her home, herself, and her neighborhood by maintaining and updating her home to be the best it can be.

Sheri has made her house her home. When she purchased it in 2014, her son lived with her. Now off at college, he still finds his way back home because it creates a sense of belonging. The house is a sense of support for him, safe and full of joy.

Without HOME Inc, Sheri says, “I probably would have never tried to buy otherwise.” Though with the support she was provided, she was able to reach her goal. To help others reach their goals, Sheri provides some support and a piece of advice to new homeowners based on what HOME Inc. has taught her: “good credit is very important, but you have to be very careful not to get overextended because creditors make it easy to do so.”

We are proud to support homeowners like Sheri, and see her support her home and community. Together we build stronger homeowners and strong communities.