Let’s get crafty! We know that decorating your home brings families together – so here are HOME, Inc.’s top 5 Thanksgiving treats, decor, and DIY’s!

  1. Turkey Treats! These adorable treats are perfect for COVID-friendly sharing while staying in the holiday spirit. https://bit.ly/3jcXiE0
  2. Do you have extra yarn lying around? Use this easy DIY guide to turn it into a festive pumpkin garland to jazz up your Thanksgiving dinner. https://bit.ly/34iBdjh
  3. Entertain your kiddos (and those young at heart) with this easy to make “Stuff the Turkey” game! Mix it up by moving the Turkey far away, or even blindfolding the participants to make it extra difficult! This game is sure to keep your loved ones busy until it’s time to eat! https://bit.ly/3maQuIY
  4. These 10 decoration ideas can be made with things you already have – or can get from the dollar store! These cheap and easy ideas are sure to spice up your house and add some much needed holiday spirit. https://bit.ly/3dODIww
  5. Another idea to inspire thankfulness is painting rocks! Have your loved ones paint rocks with their favorite designs on the front – and something they’re thankful for on the back. This DIY is perfect for letting your family know just how much they mean to you! https://bit.ly/3kkHlNs