November 11th is observed as Veterans Day across the United States. This year we are choosing to highlight an issue faced by many Veterans in the United States – homelessness.

Homelessness is a rising issue in the United States – and COVID-19 has only increased this problem. With millions of people losing their jobs, homelessness is only going to get worse.

The Veterans Association (VA) says that in January of 2019 around 37,000 Veterans were experiencing homelessness. There is no doubt that this number has increased since this statistic was formed, pre-COVID-19. 

The VA has a 24-hour homeless Veteran line that will connect Vets with the resources they need to get off of the streets and into a safe place to call home. They also offer healthcare options for injuries and mental illnesses that many veterans struggle with. 

They complete weekly outreach programs to assess the community’s need for Veteran services. The VA also completed a campaign in October for Veterans experiencing domestic violence. 

HOME, Inc. is a great resource for those facing homelessness, Veteran or not, but it is important to understand the resources and programs available to you. If you have any questions about homelessness or homelessness in Veterans please call our office and we can connect you with the resources available to you.

Visit the VA website to get involved to end homelessness in Veterans. They have printable resources as well as a program that allows you to open your home to a Veteran.

Thank you to all of the Veterans out there, we appreciate you!