HOME, Inc. faced big challenges and had bigger changes in 2021. We had a switch in leadership and would like to share our new executive Director, Tony Montgomery welcoming message in his new role at HOME, Inc.

“2022 is going to be an exciting year for me and for HOME, Inc. As I continue to grow in my new role as Executive Director, I invite you to grow and evolve with me. Share your passion and big ideas for creating housing with me. I’ll leverage your input to face our biggest challenges with optimism. And your support will help HOME, Inc. boldly develop new programs, processes or positions that honor and build upon the successful legacy of the last 40+ years. Here’s to the future!” – Tony Montgomery

In Iowa there are incredible barriers to accessing safe, affordable housing. Unfortunately, the current regulatory environment, paired with continued economic instability, leave the future looking murky for lower-income Iowans who need a roof over their heads. HOME Inc. wants to be a guide in navigating affordable housing and we had great success over the last year:

  • 104,870 number of extremely low-income renter households in Iowa.
  • $983,205 distributed to 515 total households – 56% minority households. 3,580 total calls from 2,117 new clients.
  • $650,000 investment in housing in low-income neighborhoods across the Des Moines area.

HOME, Inc. wants to send a big thank you to our supporters and friends who have made affordable housing an important topic of conversation in the Des Moines community. We look forward to providing the best services for housing in 2022 and for many years to come!