Jan Zeleke has been a part of the HOME, Inc. family for the last year and a half, prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.

 Jan is proud to work with HOME, Inc. because, “We have the ability to grow a lot just based on the needs in our community and what we offer.” Jan primarily works with our counseling and education programs, “There are definitely spots in our community we can step into especially with education. We can help with the racial disparity pieces by assisting minorities into housing and homeownership.”

HOME, Inc. is not unlike other nonprofits when it comes to challenges, “I think funding is always probably the biggest challenge for a non-profit. One of the best things our community can do is being able to support us, and then continue to support us while we grow.” At HOME, Inc. we are able to offer a wide range of services to support the community. “We help with homelessness, rental assistance, building homes, and owning homes. Really it’s the entire continuum of services.”

At HOME, Inc. we get to help the most vulnerable populations in our community, including the marginalized as well as children. “Helping those who are vulnerable is the most rewarding part of working with HOME, Inc. We get to help them find a home, which is more than just a place to stay. You make memories there, your family is there, it is a place of safety.”

Jan is proud to work with HOME, Inc.,

“HOME, Inc. works to fill in all of the gaps that other organizations do not necessarily fill. We work to add more affordable housing to our community. The education piece is unique as well as being able to council people. We also have the ability to council landlords, so we can make better landlords for our clients.”

We are excited for the future of HOME, Inc. with Jan as part of our staff!