HOME, Inc.’s mission is to create opportunities for quality, affordable housing. RENTWise is one of the tools our organization uses to help our clients attain housing stability.

RENTWise was created by Marilyn Bruin, PhD. From the University of Minnesota Extension and the College of Design. We thank the University of Minnesota for allowing HOME, Inc. to use its materials for the development of our local program. We also want to give a big thank you to Marylin for her technical assistance in development and training for the RENTWise workshops.

RENTWise is the beginners guide to everything you need to know about renting and taking care of a home. The program is designed to put the client in real life scenarios that they will encounter while renting. The activities have topic sections that teach the client about how to be a successful renter. The topics in the sections include Communication and Conflict Resolution, Managing Your Money, Finding a Place to Call Home, Getting Through the Rental Process, Moving In, Taking Care of a Home, and When You Move Out.

HOME, Inc. uses RENTWise as a beneficial resource for our clients to have when navigating their questions and concerns when renting. If a client cannot find the answer they are looking for they have full access to our incredible housing counselors in the office. Our counselors have helped clients in the past with managing budgets, landlord disputes, and questions about the rights they have as renters.

HOME, Inc. champions housing stability and understand that many renters need assistance in understanding their rights and responsibilities. We are here to help answer any housing questions you may have and would love to help you with your housing journey using the RENTWise program.