Back in 2014, Sherry bought her home. Since then, its assessed value has increased by 30%. When she initially bought the house, 29% of the cost was covered with grants.

Her son was living with her at the time but now is a college student. Having a home to come back to has given him a sense of belonging.

HOME Inc. has given Sherri the skills necessary to successfully budget and save for a home. Without HOME Inc.m Sherri says, “I probably would have never tried to buy.”

If Sheri were to give a piece of advice to new home owned based on what she has learned through HOME Inc., she said, “Good credit is very important, but you have to be very careful not to get over extended because creditors make it easy to do so.”

HOME Inc. is beyond proud of all the work she has accomplished. Because achieving housing stability feels like such a hassle sometimes, the fact that Sherri was able to buy her home gives her family a sense of belonging and a community. Owning a home means having the opportunity to be a better citizen—to give back and help others around you.

Overall, owning a home improves health and now that they have a stable place, Sherri’s family is truly able to enjoy their lives in a forever home.

It’s crazy to think about how much positivity a house could bring to a family. Sherri’s situation is a prime example that yes, housing and being able to afford a forever home can come with a lot of possible hardships, but it is not impossible.

One can triumph through and achieve really amazing things if you simply work hard. The best thing is that you are not alone. HOME Inc. is here to help!