Birch Spick has been with HOME, Inc. for around 6 months and in their short time, they have made a huge impact on their clients, and HOME, Inc. as a whole.

Birch came to HOME, Inc. after working in refugee services where they assisted with a homeownership program. Birch wanted to focus more on first-time homebuyers, and that is how they came to find a home, with HOME, Inc. “The focus on housing in a variety of dimensions is what appeals to me about HOME, Inc., and that variety is the most important thing we can offer our clients, other agencies work primarily on building houses, funding, or singular services. They work with us so we can be a crossroads to homeownership.” Birch reflected.

HOME, Inc. is one of the only agencies in Des Moines that has a homebuyer education program for the open market, and we are one of the only HUD-certified counseling agencies in central Iowa. These aspects of HOME, Inc.’s qualifications with the added impact of COVID-19 on housing, have allowed Birch to step into a transformative time with our agency. Birch says, “I am coming in and going through the succession planning and strategic planning. It is really interesting to see all of the dynamics in the agency put out very clearly.”

These changes can make it difficult to anticipate the future of HOME, Inc., but Birch is confident that these changes in leadership, as well as strategic planning, will bring fresh perspectives to the agency. Birch is hopeful that HOME, Inc. will continue to lead property and homeownership programs, as well as expand the work that is being done for our landlord and tenant programs, and potentially offering rent readiness classes. Birch is hopeful because, “There are things going on already in HOME, Inc. that will be bolstered and solidified in our future as part of the Des Moines community.”

Birch has found that the most rewarding part of their work at HOME, Inc. is the impact that the rental assistance program makes in the lives of our clients. Birch is experiencing the fast-moving environment at HOME, Inc. with many of their clients moving, homes being built, and seeing the impact of their actions in the lives of others.

Birch is excited for the future of HOME, Inc., saying:

“I think growth and change are really exciting, we are going through some growing pains because we have expanded our staff pretty rapidly and recently. We are taking on new projects and figuring out how to serve people in the middle of a pandemic, and looking for new leadership in the next year. It is easy to be worried about everything coming out okay in the end, but it is also easy to overlook how exciting the prospect of change is. All of the growing pains we are coming up against will be worthwhile for an exciting change in the end!”

Thank you for all you have done for HOME, Inc. and our clients in your first year Birch, we appreciate you and cannot wait to see what the future of HOME, Inc. will look like with you as a part of our family!