January 2021 was a month of new beginnings at HOME, Inc. We said “so long” to Diana and Lynn, but we are looking forward to a new chapter of HOME, Inc. Over the last few years, we have welcomed many new staff members that are working hard to grow HOME, Inc.

“My hope for the future of HOME, Inc. is growth and recognition. We have so much untapped potential! While we have potential, there is a delicate balance of creating awareness and increasing community financial support. We need funds to grow, but need the community to know who we are and the impact we have before they will give. We are in a great position with the community focus being on housing and essential needs. The next 3-5 years are critical for the future of our agency and our growth. It is going to be a fun ride!” says Fundraising Director, Kourtney Kirkpatrick.

“HOME, Inc. has grown into the epicenter of housing empowerment in Central Iowa. “HOME, Inc. has grown a lot in the past three years. We have started to focus more on long-term goals and creating more investment in our community. We have grown as a staff and have adapted to challenges and new technology options.” says staff member Emily Hanna.

We know that change within HOME, Inc. can bring uncertainty – especially within a global pandemic. However, HOME, Inc. is solid and we have hope for our future in the Des Moines community.

“I have hope that we continue to help fight poverty by providing as much affordable housing help/counseling as possible and that we help to eliminate the racial disparity in housing in our community,” says Housing Counseling Program Director Jan Zeleke.

Even though this time of transition, HOME, Inc. is here to empower our community to obtain and retain housing. We thank you for your patience with us through this time of change, and welcoming our new staff with open arms.