Looking back at where we were as an organization a year ago to today is absolutely crazy. Our first Giving Tuesday—raising $10,000, to A Hunt for Housing—raising almost $62,000 for families. This path to success has proven to be such an exciting experience as HOME, Inc. still has so many more opportunities for growth. 


But as we go into the holiday season, we wanted to take some time to thank you, our readers—our supporters. 


We are beyond lucky to have so many amazing people be a part of this journey. Being able to transition from all paper documents to an electronic system to store donor information has been a tough ride but one we will never forget. HOME, Inc.’s online presence has grown so much and we have only you to thank. 


From writing success stories to coming up with social media posts, it sure is crazy to look at how far we’ve come. Seeing West End Salvage packed really opened our eyes to how much support HOME, Inc. has. It was a beautiful night and we are so excited to see what the future holds.


Being able to work with such friendly people—clients, staff, and donors has been such a blessing for HOME, Inc.’s success. We are so thankful to be able to continue providing education/counseling and housing opportunities to our community. 


Empowering families through these specific services to promote housing stability is such a powerful service that some of our community doesn’t even know about. But thanks to you, our readers—our supporters, we can grow and help more people. Thank you for helping HOME, Inc. grow!