In the last six months of our Homeless Prevention Program, we have spent just over half a million dollars, $525,421. This first round of ESG-CV1 funding allowed us to served 249 households or roughly 673 people. This round of funding began July 1st and ended on January 25th.

We distributed $270,448 of that funding for city ESG, $213,973 in state ESG, and $41,000 from Polk County Housing Trust Fund.

American Indian or Alaska Native (HUD) 5
Asian (HUD) 2
Black or African American (HUD) 124
Client refused (HUD) 1
Data not collected (HUD) 2
Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander (HUD) 2
White (HUD) 113
Grand Total 249
Demographics for the first round of ESG-CV2 Funding

Round 2 ESG-CV2 (1/6/2020-ongoing)

Round 2 started on January 6th.  So far, we have given out $140,225 in rental assistance to 86 households.  We have accepted an additional 41 households into the program who are pending payments.  Due to receiving more calls than our team has the capacity for handling, our phones have been shut off since 1/8.  From 1/8-2/16/2021, we have had 1326 missed calls from individuals who need assistance. The need is far exceeding currect resources.

Any and all donations to assist the members of our community in the fight against homelessness are appreciated and desperately needed. Donate at