This month we say “so long” to two of our long-time employees at HOME, Inc. Diana Rezac has been a part of our family for the last 6 years, acting as our Homebuyer Education educator. This means that she provides homebuyer education classes and assists with the counseling aspect of our virtual homebuyer education program.

“Education is power, we only buy a house once or twice in our lives, so we aren’t familiar with the process. The language our lenders use is unfamiliar to us, homebuyer education provides us the information we need to make the best choices and gives us the tools to retain our homes and have the best interest rates.”

Diana emphasizes the importance of understanding homebuying terms, stating that purchasing a home is often the biggest and longest investment that any person or family will make. Schooling does not often include a curriculum to educate individuals about the importance of good investing. Most adults are not aware of the information they need to make this investment.

Diana has made a huge difference in the lives of others, and she says the best part of her work with HOME, Inc. was her ability to aid others. “When people come into the office or video conference, there is stress. I am just one more step they need to take. I have the ability to explain their purchase and relieve their anxiety.   That makes my job very rewarding. Our clients transfer homebuyer education to other aspects of their lives. One client had their car loan interest reduced from 20% to 5% because of homebuyer course recommendation to shop for your loans.”

In the next steps of Diana’s life, she will be rehabbing her home and completing renovations. As for HOME, Inc. we will expand the homebuyer program. She has full faith in  Birch, and all of the new  and present members of the HOME, Inc. family. Diana knows that HOME, Inc. is in good hands and is hopeful for the future of the homebuyer education program. The new councilors can provide a fresh new look and approach to connecting with our clients. This transition will lead to a new chapter with new people, new ideas, and new blood. They can review our policies and create the best possible strategies for helping our community!

Diana is confident in the new chapter of HOME. Inc, but she is also going to miss her coworkers and clients. “We have a number of really talented people that are experts in their fields. They are committed to their clients, and flexible to do the best they can in these difficult times. I will miss their expertise and their comradery. I am also going to miss helping people accomplish their dreams of purchasing a home when they never thought that would be possible. Thank you, Pam, for giving me a job and a family!  Homebuyer education was needing a new home and Pam provided that place.”      

“HOME, Inc. has helped me to become more empathetic – not because of my job itself, but because of the clients I met. I hadn’t been involved with the homeless before HOME Inc., I have learned more about the services we provide and the great organizations we work with, as well as how to work with others.”

Thank you for your dedication to HOME, Inc. over the last 6 years Diana, our clients, and staff are forever grateful for your expertise and kindness. We hope you enjoy your retirement!