Chantal worked alongside HOME, Inc.’s housing counselor, Lynn, to help boost her credit score in order to get approved for a loan to buy a house. After learning how to best save for the future by following a good budget she has been able to purchase her own home!

“Honestly, I never really thought about owning a home until I looked at this one, then I was so excited,” said Chantal. With the support from her housing counselor, Chantal was able to get income approved for a loan. This led to the ability for her to become a first-time homeowner. Chantal’s success is another example of the great support HOME, Inc. provides to our clients. Whatever your dream is, HOME, Inc. is here to support and guide you to fulfill your housing dreams.

In Chantal’s opinion, the best part of her new house is that it is her own and she no longer has a landlord to report to. Chantal says her experience with HOME, Inc. was a good experience that led to having a home for her family. Home is where the family is and where happiness is at. Chantal is excited to start her new homeownership journey.

If you or someone you know has a dream of homeownership, please reach out or give a call at 515-243-1277.