As seen as a rectangular shape on first glance, ended up being one of the most exciting projects HOME, Inc. has embarked on through the past three years. This rectangle is better known as Capitol Park. Capitol Park is a neighborhood of around 3,500 people. It has a suburb feel with wonderful schools, local businesses, and parks. HOME, Inc. wanted to help capitalize Capitol Park (get it, haha).

Capitol Park has been a target area for HOME, Inc.’s neighborhood revitalization program. We started our program in 2017 and are currently in our second and final phase. Within the past three years HOME, Inc. has built ten homes in the community. By focusing our building efforts in the Capitol Park neighborhood we have been able to improve the average house value. Five years ago, the average house value was approximately $79,000. Now after five years and new ten houses built the average house value is $150,000.

Though we have made a significant impact in the neighborhood community of Capitol Park already, we are not done! We have four more prospective properties that we are keeping our eye on. We are looking at having the prospective properties being rental to ownership houses, in which homeowners work up to owning the house, while renting in the meantime. We hope that all of the properties will be owned by families so that they can add happiness to the neighborhood.

We are so thankful and appreciate the support from the Neighborhood Finance Cooperation (NFC), Habitat for Humanity, and Viva East Bank. Additionally, we would like to thank the Capitol Park Neighborhood Association and the residents of Capitol Park.

Are you interested in our prospective properties? Well, you’re in the right place! Keep a lookout on our website for more information regarding new properties.