Chantal is a single mother of four children, who wanted to provide for her family. Although she did not think becoming a homeowner was a possibility in her life, working with HOME, Inc., and the section 8 housing department, she gained the confidence to obtain and retain housing.  

One of our goals at HOME, Inc. is to empower our clients to reach their housing goals, and because of Lynn Lamb, that was a reality for Chantal. “I had a really good experience, I worked with Lynn for a couple of years. She helped me look at my options and was helpful throughout the process.”  

Chantal is currently in the process of closing on her very first home and will be moving in on March 1st. “HOME, Inc. has helped me see the reality of becoming a homeowner.”  

Before HOME, Inc. Chantal lived in a three-bedroom apartment with her four children. “I lived in that place for 10 years, when I moved in it was just me and my daughter, I have had three kids since then, the more people you add, the smaller it gets.” This is a common predicament for our HOME, Inc. clients, outgrowing your space is part of growing a family, and we take pride in helping our clients find a space that fits them and their needs.  

Chantal is looking forward to having a space that is solely hers. “I am looking forward to more freedom, being able to call something yours; it’s liberating.” 

Chantal did not believe that owning a home was in her future, “I had to accept that I had the ability to get a house, I am a single mom, so I thought that it was not doable. I was talking with Lynn; she gave me a confidence boost as well as everything else.” 

As for the remarkable last year, COVID has not dampened the home buying process to much for Chantal. She had a three-bedroom house lined up before COVID, but it, unfortunately, fell through. However, Lynn was able to find the perfect option for Chantal’s family – a four-bedroom option that gives her family the space they need. Her new home also has a larger yard for her children to grow up in.  

Chantal urges HOME, Inc. clients to remain patient, “It doesn’t happen overnight, and it is worth the wait.” Chantal also thanks Lynn for helping her through the process, and assisting her family in obtaining and retaining their housing stats.