Dora moved to Iowa in the early 2000’s from Los Angeles, California with her mother and two siblings. Dora’s mother had trouble finding a home in L.A due to the high cost of living. Once they moved to Iowa, their family was finally able to make their dreams of homeownership come true. 

The homebuying process began while driving down her mom to work. Her mom said, “Turn in here”. “Mom you’re going to make me late to work,” Dora replied. Dora’s mom points to a plot of land and said “that’s going to be our home.” Dora thought it was a farfetched dream and there was no way they could afford it or figure out all the paperwork. She had no faith, but her mom knew that was going to be their home someday.

At 25 years old Dora worked in the United Way building. The HOME, Inc. office was next door.

With the help from a friend, Dora filled out the application at HOME, Inc. to see if she qualified for the services we provide. “I was so nervous that I wouldn’t be able to get a loan. I kept feeling a sinking feeling in my stomach and had the content thought of not going to make my dream a reality.” In 2006, Dora did qualify and there was only one house left, the house that her mother pointed to her years prior. Everything else had already sold. “It was a huge blessing, we were able to get the home and we could not have done it without HOME, Inc.,” Dora said.

When asked what advice she would give to aspiring homeowners Dora said, “Have fun with it. A lot of time we go into the nitty-gritty but going out and looking for a home is a fun part.” Emphasizing the importance of purchasing the right home Dora said, “It is where you go all the time, where your family will be. Visualize where the family is. Where you eat Thanksgiving dinner. See what we were going to do with the house.” Dora is the first single person to get a house in her family and is so proud that she can host her loved ones for family gatherings. Being able to create memories in a place she owed was

“Iowa is a little treasure,” Dora said, “When I lived in LA, we had an apartment, it wasn’t our home” HOME, Inc. is dedicated to supporting anyone who aspires to become a homeowner. We understand that homeownership goes beyond just a building, it is a cherished place where loved ones can make memories with one other.

If you or anyone you know has any questions about affordable housing or want to know more about our homeownership program, check out our website here or give a call at (515) 243-1277!