Amid COVID, Quinton has continued to thrive and provide stability for his family. Quinton is a single father of two girls, age 9 and 12, whom he shares custody of with their mother. Through the past four years, Quinton has overcome homelessness and job insecurity. For most of his life, Quinton has been able to secure good-paying jobs, however was never able to get guaranteed employment with benefits. Due to this lack of stability, he was forced to live with friends and in and out of homeless shelters.

Quinton reached out to HOME, Inc. in between his temporary jobs. He was unable to pay his rent but was waiting until his next assignment. HOME, Inc. was able to pay his rent and keep him and his children in their home along with connecting him to resources to empower him to reach self-sufficiency. He was also able to secure a long term work assignment in a construction company making $17 an hour, with the option of overtime. Even though COVID-19 is causing instability for many families, Quinton was able to pay his rent and bills on time throughout the whole year. His employees describe him as very hard working and reliable.

Unfortunately, his work project was finished in October, ending up with no job again. Quinton built up sufficient savings but did not want to drain them due to his need for a new car. HOME, Inc. was still able to provide rent to keep him in his house while Quinton was once again in search of stability. Quinton was able to find a permanent job with full-time hours with the option of benefits His long-term goals, which we will continue to work on, are securing a vehicle and finding a larger apartment with affordable rent.