We are all imperfect. We can be experts, certified, reliable, the all-knowing, but this does not mean we are perfect. This shows true with landlords as well. Although they are known as the lords of the land, they might not know every nook and cranny about the business. This is because we are humans, and humans are imperfect! It’s a full circle.

Thankfully we have alleviated the human error of imperfection by adding the resource of communication and collaboration. When we put our minds together we know so much more. Which is why HOME, Inc. exists and here to collaborate with everyone.

A tenant let their landlord know about HOME, Inc. after needing help with a disagreement. The husband and wife landlord team of 40+ years had never heard about HOME, Inc. They met with the housing counselor for what ended up being a two hour counseling session. They were incredibly thrilled with everything that they learned.

Through the two hour session they discussed deposit returns, lease violations (cannot enforce things that are not written in the lease), proper notice service, how to have reasonable expectations, how to rent to people receiving section 8, how to evict someone with section 8 if they lose it and weigh the pros and cons if children are involved.

Now the landlords are more educated on their rights and responsibilities. This will help create a better relationship between them and their tenants. We are thrilled that we can be a connection and communication point to create great relationships and a fair and safe renting environment in Des Moines.

“Imperfections are not inadequacies; they are reminders that we’re all in this together.”

 ― Brené Brown