Hello! My name is Amanda Smith and I am a member of the Engaged Citizen Corps currently interning at HOME, Inc. aka Home Opportunities Made Easy, Incorporated. Moving my life from Denver, Colorado to Des Moines, Iowa was definitely a drastic change. I didn’t exactly know how drastic it was until I officially moved here but I wouldn’t change a thing. Being an Engaged Citizen Corps member has truly been one of the greatest experiences that I will forever cherish. I am so lucky to have been able to work with HOME, Inc. From managing and creating content for social media to recruiting volunteers, this experience has given me a leadership position that can end up being very useful in future possible careers. Being a Magazine Media and Graphic Design major, HOME, Inc. and I were a perfect match. I’ve been able to create so many new things and cultivate more efficient ways of doing things—I even created a possible new tradition! Having the creativity trait has been very helpful to the organization which is something I thoroughly enjoy!