HOME, Inc. is committed to providing support and services to the Des Moines area’s diverse communities. Over the past year we have provided financial relief to more than 250 minority families. During the COVID-19 Pandemic, HOME, Inc.’s funds for homeless prevention increased 30 times what the organization previously managed. We adapted and were able to help Iowa families remain housed.

In a blog post written by Kathryn Reynolds for the Urban Institute titled “Three Ways Improving Housing Stability Can Make Long-Term Progress toward Racial Equity”, Reynolds describes the inequalities that affect many minority renters across the country.

“Even before the [COVID-19] pandemic, almost 900,000 renters were evicted each year, with people of color—particularly Black women and single parents—facing the highest eviction risk. Evictions are detrimental to building household wealth because they can cause long-term credit damage,” Kathryn Reynolds writes.

This article is another reminder that the fight for fair, equitable housing is more prevalent than ever. Through HOME, Inc. programs, we are doing our part to serve Central Iowa’s low-income and minority families. We simply believe these community members deserve better access to resources and more equitable treatment. Of all the clients in 2020-2021 that completed the Homeownership Readiness Assessment, 65% were minority and 73% were low-income.

Learn more about HOME, Inc.’s work to serve Des Moines minority communities in our 2020-2021 annual report here.

Click the link to read the Urban Institute’s full blog on improving housing stability for racial equity.