In honor of homeownership month, we spoke with Birch Spick about HOME, Inc.’s Homeownership Program!

Through our homeownership program we match low-income people with the properties that HOME, Inc. constructs. “When clients are interested in a HOME, Inc. property, I meet with them and review their credit, financial situation, and then I talk with them about what they might need to do to get ready for a mortgage.”

“If a family has pretty good credit and could get a mortgage in under a year, I might recommend them to one of our properties for outright sale (“turnkey properties”), or talk with them about buying on the open market. If a family has some problems with their credit or finances but could be ready to get a mortgage in 2-3 years, I might recommend them to one of our “lease-purchase” properties. With lease-purchase properties, a family leases them for at least a year, and during that time I work with them to build their credit & financial capacity so they can eventually get a mortgage & purchase a home.”

Through our homeownership program, we have assisted 165 families become homeowners. 66% of these families belong to a minority group, it is important to work through systemic disenfranchisement in the Des Moines community and HOME, Inc. works to do this every day.

If you are interested in our Homeownership Program, please contact our office at 515-243-1277.