The process of owning a home is a large goal. At HOME, Inc. we see the dedication our clients go through when wanting to own a home. This process can take years. Though it is so worth it when a family gets to pay off their home, and we gain another valued relationship.

This past week we have seen and felt this even more. As our staff was communicating, we realized that one of our clients, Derma, only has two more payments on her house. Derma and her family have been working with us since 2007.

Derma is a fighter. Lynn, our Homeownership Coordinator, said “We are very proud of her, nothing or anyone stands in her way!” This rings true with Derma and her family. They work hard and are resilient.

Derma came to the United States by fleeing Honduras with her two sons and making a new home here in Des Moines. While settling and adapting, she found herself in an unstable relationship where she experienced domestic abuse. Derma found a nonprofit in Des Moines that helped her stay safe and led her to our program.

Derma came to us in 2007, she was a part of a transitional housing nonprofit and found her way to HOME, Inc. She wanted to own a home though she did not have the credit and was unable to get a conventional loan. She worked with our team and rented through our lease-purchase option.

While making payments for their home, Derma and her husband, Diego, worked hard. Derma always had a job, primarily in social services, and went to school at night to receive her bachelor’s degree. And it paid off. In the summer of 2009, Derma got that diploma, got married, received her citizenship, and the house in her name. Talk about impressive!

From there, Derma and Diego continued to make payments and worked with the supportive services at HOME, Inc. Together they made many updates to her home, adding value to it. Derma continued her education to receive a master’s degree and spent free time volunteering advocating for the Spanish speaking community by working for some attorneys translating. On top of all of that, she was a mother and mentor to her five sons.

When reflecting on her time working with HOME, Inc. Derma had this to say “Thank you so much Home Inc. and you, Lynn, because you trusted me and gave me the opportunity to have one of my dreams come true. When you put your trust in me and believe that I would excel. You helped me to grow and provide for my kids a nice and safe place in which they can call it “Mi Casa, Mi Hogar“. Muchísimas gracias.”

After 13 years working with HOME, Inc., 2 college degrees, raising 5 sons, and working harder than most, Derma only has 2 payments left on her home. We are so proud of her. So proud.

Thank you Derma for letting us share your story, from all of us here at HOME, Inc., thank you, you are amazing and resilient.

Story directly from Derma:

“My mom moved to Mexico from Honduras. Years later I moved with my two sons from Mexico to USA. I am survivor of abuse and cancer. I have six amazing children and a beautiful husband.

I have many dreams and I have accomplished many of them too. The first one was to get a bachelor’s degree and second was to have a house. I knew about HOME, Inc. because my work with families in the community. I work in the human services field. I meet Lynn and I was given an opportunity to rent and to buy the house. I worked full-time and I went to school night. In 2009, I finished my degree and got married. My husband and I made a lot of improvements to the house.


Lynn has been not just a Homeownership Coordinator, but a friend to me. I knew when I needed someone to talk with I could always go to Lynn from HOME, Inc. for a advice. In 2014, I was diagnosed with Colon Cancer stage 3. I went through chemotherapy and I survived. I remember I talked to Lynn, she was there to talk to me and encourage me. In 2015, I obtained a master’s degree from Drake in public administration. This year, in 2020, we have paid off the house. We worked hard to pay off the house sooner. I am so blessed to have found HOME, Inc. in my journey. I was able to provide a house and safe place for my children. Many women, individuals need just a little help, someone to give them a hand, someone the trust them and guide them and they too can be successful. Thanks HOME, Inc.”