Some of the greatest relationships HOME, Inc. has developed over the years are with landlords in the Des Moines community. Jim is one of the landlords that reached out to HOME, Inc. for help and advice on how to evict a tenant. Our counselors were ready and able to answer his call to help him find the best solution and answer any questions he had.

“[The] counselor [is] always very knowledgeable and always very good. They always [have] very productive suggestions for me as a landlord which was very helpful,” Jim stated after meeting with a HOME, Inc. counselor. We pride ourselves on being a resource for anyone who has questions regarding housing. Landlords are an essential part of providing quality housing to everyone in our community.

“My philosophy at the time was to have a first-class property and charge first class rent with first class tenants. It has worked out quite well. Once in a while I make a mistake or misjudge someone and that’s when the housing counselor comes in” Jim explained. “HOME Inc. helped me “validate some of my ideas of moving forward with improper tenants”

HOME, Inc. doesn’t just provide services, we build partnerships. We work with anyone who reaches out to us to ensure that everyone is treated with respect and has access to helpful knowledge about affordable housing.

If you or someone you know has questions about the eviction process or any other topics concerning affordable housing reach out to one of amazing counselors at 515-243-1277.