Quinton Dennis is a single father of two school-aged daughters.  Quinton had a good-paying job but once the project ended so did his employment. He found himself desperate for work and found a job working for a hotel and struggled to pay his rent and take care of his children.

Quinton sought out help from HOME, Inc. and we enlisted him in our Hope for Stable Families program.

In 2019, Quinton was homeless, spending time at both Central Iowa Shelter & Services as well as Hope Ministries shelters and working with Primary Healthcare Homeless Services.  Since his start with HOME, Inc. in March of 2020, we have helped his family find stability financially and with housing. Dennis is only one of the hundreds of clients we work with on a daily basis.

Our agency’s Hope for Stable Families program works to provide aid and support for families helping them to become self-sufficient. HOME, Inc. has provided short-term rental assistance, case management services, school supplies, for Quinton’s family. The rental assistance has helped Mr. Dennis and his children remain in their apartment.  The case management services have helped him learn to manage a budget, as well as put him in touch with outside agencies that could provide additional assistance and supports that our agency couldn’t.

Today, Quinton has a good-paying job in which he is can pay his bills and take care of his girls. As a result, his confidence has been boosted.  After he gains more time at his job, Mr. Dennis would like to meet with our Home Ownership Counselor in hopes of buying a home for his family. 

HOME, Inc. is proud of the partnerships we build with clients by providing a hand-up, not a handout. We are proud of Quinton’s success and wish him and his family the best in their homeownership journey.


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