This is a month of goodbye and new beginnings for HOME, Inc. This week, we say “so long” to our homeowner counselor Lynn Lamb. Lynn has spent the last 32 years with HOME, Inc., “That is half of my life, literally,” she recalls. When asked why she stuck with HOME, Inc. for so long, she credits Pam Carmichael, “I have a fantastic boss, she’s the reason why I stayed. I was ready to retire two years ago, but I wasn’t ready to leave my HOME, Inc. family.”  

Lynn has a degree in social work, and before HOME, Inc. she was working as a medical social worker. “There was a lot of negativity because of the work I was doing, so I knew I needed a change. At HOME, Inc. we give people hope and change their lives for the better.” When she started at HOME, Inc. Lynn knew nothing about the housing industry and had to endure intensive training to fully understand her new profession. “I will never forget when I was hired, Pam asked me if I could commit to one year because of the amount of training I needed to complete, 32 years later I am still here.”

HOME, Inc. has drastically changed over the last 32 years because the housing industry constantly changing. However, one thing remains the same, HOME, Inc. is a family for our coworkers and our clients.  

Lynn started as a landlord-tenant counselor in 1989 and held that position for a year. After that year, she began working with homeownership and has since taken over that department. “I think any person that works with HOME, Inc. should start with landlord-tenant counseling, it really teaches you a lot about the housing industry and your coworkers.”  

Although counseling families is not always easy, Lynn does her work for the clients of HOME, Inc. “The families are what motivated me, that is why I am a social worker, it is just who I am. I love working with people, getting to know them, motivating them, and helping them accomplish their goals. I have primarily worked with families, and I really enjoy getting to know them and their children. What we teach at HOME, Inc. is passed down to those children, we are not only changing lives here, we are changing generations.”  

Lynn has grown with HOME, Inc. and learned about her community in the process. “There are so many different situations that affect every person’s housing, wellbeing, and health. There is a stereotype about the homeless, that was really eye-opening for me. Seeing how many individuals, families, and children are affected.” 

As for her hopes for HOME, Inc., Lynn says, “With the 32 years I have been here, myself ans Pam allowing us to become a HUD-certified counseling agency, I foresee HOME, Inc. becoming more prominent in that role. I also see more growth coming and growing very quickly because of the need for housing support – especially because of COVID-19. It is important to keep all parts of HOME, Inc. well-funded & supported.”  

Lynn is going to miss her coworkers the most, “The staff has really been like a family, even as it has changed. I am also going to miss the connections I have with the community; I see clients many times throughout their journeys, and I am going to miss not seeing or hearing from them.”  

As for her retirement plans, Lynn just downsized and moved. She is passionate about gardening and plans to spend time outdoors and traveling after COVID. She plans to obtain a winter retreat in Arizona to enjoy her retirement as well as spend lots of time playing with her grandchildren! Lynn also plans to get a part-time job volunteering in the community to stay connected and active.

It is impossible to say how many lives Lynn has touched and changed for the better with her immeasurable knowledge and connections – but one thing is for sure, our community is better off because of Lynn Lamb. We are going to miss her at HOME, Inc., and we know our clients will miss her too. Thank you for all you have done Lynn, and enjoy your very well-earned retirement.