Hope can be easy to have but also extremely easy to lose. Bekah was blessed with two wonderful children, Jade (12) and Robert (7). They light up her life and give her so much hope for the future. This hope was lost when Bekah’s attention got redirected to her horrible situation, trying to survive domestic violence.

After being stabbed in the back and left in critical condition, Bekah’s world was turned upside down. There was not a lot of hope in her mind as she could not function as she used to any longer. She started to use marijuana to help her cope with her pain.

Bekah woke up one day and decided she was not happy with the person she was becoming and she realized she wasn’t being a good mom. To give hope and support back to her children, she decided to seek help. Bekah made the brave move to let other family members take care of the children until she was able to again. This gave hope to Bekah by being able to take care of herself and that she would later be able to be a great mother again. 

Through her recovery, Bekah turned to religion and got the help that she needed to overcome her addiction. This created hope in an external power and hope for her future. She gave her health hope as she started attending Narcotics Anonymous (NA) meetings and taking control of her life. She is still very active and a strong advocate for NA. She continues to grow strong and share her story of hope with others.

Bekah came into HOME Inc.’s Homeless Prevention Program in July 2018 due to having a gap in jobs. Bekah is always actively working on her goals since day one and keeping the hope of being a great mom and strong woman. She keeps goals posted all over her house so she doesn’t forget about her short term and long term goals. One of Bekah’s biggest goals and hopes was going back to Grandview and finishing her Bachelor’s degree.

Bekah continued to be a mom, work a full-time job, and ended up graduating with her Bachelors in Psychology and Human Services! With the help of her case manager at HOME Inc., she has been able to complete multiple goals and keep a roof over her head. Hope for her future is reinstated and she is thriving! Her next step is to find a job in her field and that she is passionate about. Bekah has persevered through so much but always managed to put her children first. Her hope for her children and her future has inspired us so much. Bekah truly exemplifies why we call the program HOPE for Stable Families.