“The struggle you’re in today is developing the strength you need for tomorrow”. Jamie’s story emphasizes the dedication and commitment to getting better and developing the strength to work harder and go farther.

After finding herself in a domestic violence shelter, Jamie started looking for resources in stable housing. Getting into different rent programs was proving itself difficult because of the different regulations the programs had  income limits and domestic history. After nine months in the shelter and exhausting all options and resources, she had to leave the shelter, since it was a temporary resource.

Jamie then qualified for HOME, Inc.’s homeless prevention program in which she would become a tenant in one of HOME, Inc.’s rental units. Looking back on the experience, she reacted “thank god, I didn’t know what I was going to do”. Jamie responded feeling grateful to have a stable home and not having to worry about where she was going to sleep at night.

This was seven years ago, since then she has made many strides to improve and succeed. One big accomplishment Jamie has made was being able to reconnect with her children, and being able to strengthen her relationships with them. Because of their stable housing, Jamie had more time to focus on them and be there for her children, knowing that they have a safe place to call home. Jamie is also going back to school for her GED, working to improve her education and be a role model for her kids.

Jamie has appreciated the HOME, Inc. staff as they have helped her throughout the past years. She values how the staff is always straightforward and honest with her. She responded, “They understand I’m not going to jeopardize this, so if I am, they tell me to change it up”. Jamie can count on the wonderful staff knowing that she can always call and have someone to talk to when needed.

HOME, Inc. has helped with resources throughout the year and supported Jamie through goal planning. Jamie worked to create a budget, keep that budget on track to accomplish her goals. One of the goals she has been working on is paying off debt. Jamie had bills and fines amounting to $14,000. Because of this debt, she was unable to have a driver’s license and drive. Jamie now only owes $200. Paying off this debt will give Jamie the ability to get a driver’s license, and the ability to drive for the first time in 20 years, and to get a new car.

By accomplishing this goal, Jamie will open another door in this life and succeed once again, which we here at HOME, Inc. couldn’t be prouder. We cannot wait to see what other great things Jamie and her family will do, because, with stable housing and the strength to succeed, you can do anything.