The counselors at HOME, Inc. have dedicated their career to helping change and improve people’s lives. They can and should be considered change-makers and life-changers. On the weekly blog, we write a lot of what we like to call Success Stories. We write about all the amazing families and individuals who are changing and improving their lives by creating housing stability, but we don’t often talk about the work the counselors are doing with the families to support them.

The job of a counselor can be very difficult and the cases our counselors work with vary dramatically. Each story comes with a unique set of challenges. Some cases can be solved by a phone call and referral or the Rental Housing Handbook. Others can take years and long conversations with ups and downs, two steps forward one step back. Yet, no matter what case our counselors get faced with they confront them head-on with confidence and support and help follow through until the end.

To all of our HOME, Inc. counselors both past and present:

You are appreciated.

The work you do is valued.

We are incredibly proud of you and the work you do day in and day out.

Thank you for dedicated your life to such an important cause.

You have truly made a lasting impact on many lives.


Here are some inspiring quotes our counselors have received!

“To everyone who are taking the time out to help our family, we want to say thank you and we are very thankful for everything you guys do for our community, may god bless everyone who had a helping hand in helping all the families this year. Thank you so much.”

“We are able to enjoy the Holidays without stressing about extra help with our family. Our sons are doing well in school and our other son is a big joy in daycare. I have been doing my best to support them financially, physically, mentally, etc.”

“I would like to talk about a counselor who I was blessed by her coaching, pushing, cheering, and don’t forget butt kicking as needed, without whom my process of homeownership would not have happened. She has already had a ‘you can do it’, ‘you’ve worked so hard’, ‘you’re not gonna give up now, are ya?’ whatever it took to motivate me… I’m sure there are countless others that would have not made it through the journey without her, this lady has true spirit of love. Without her homeownership would remain a DREAM for many. Thank you.”