Tia Hebert is an essential member of our HOME, Inc. team. “I think the future is endless. We can expand services that are offered or start new services. Our new Executive Director will be the driving force behind the changes towards the future of HOME, Inc.”

Tia is excited for the future of HOME, Inc., even though there are challenges associated with adjusting to a new chapter within our organization, “The biggest challenge is the long-term employees retiring. HOME, Inc. will have to adjust, restructure and adapt to fill the gaps in the knowledge that is leaving.” However, “Being able to hire more positions within the company and starting to get our name out there is helping. Hosting our fundraising events has helped with the workloads and also build community connections that were needed. In addition, this past year, doing the homeless prevention for COVID has been very successful. We have never been able to help that many people at once in the past.”

              Like many of our HOME, Inc. team Tia believes, “The services that we provide are our biggest strength. We have such a wide variety of services and help a ton of different populations, from homeless to homeowners, we are able to help people facing a housing crisis with their needs. A lot of other non-profits may offer theses services but not as broad as HOME, Inc. does. I also think that having staff that truly care about their clients and are committed to the agencies mission is another strength. We have a lot of employees that have/were at the same company for years and years which does not happen in many non-profits.”

              Tia loves seeing the effects of her work on the community, “I love knowing that what I do directly helps clients achieve their goals or helps them with their housing situation. Being able to help clients avoid eviction and avoid becoming homeless, is truly rewarding.”

              HOME, Inc. fits into our community as a central housing hub. “We are the only agency that does landlord/tenant education law, which we are most well known for. I think a lot of agencies rely on us when they are helping their own clients. We are important because we hold a lot of knowledge when it comes to a variety of housing issues.”

        Thank you for all of the work you do to help out community Tia, we appreciate you!