Talisa is a single mom with one daughter who bought a home with the help of HOME, Inc. She participated in the Lease Purchase program for two years before purchasing. This program have her an opportunity to work on her credit, budgeting, and accumulating savings in preparation to take on the mortgage.

The sale price of the house was listed at $85,271. With the help of two grants, the purchase price ended up being $45,120 with an interest ratio of 5.875 fixed 30-year loan. 

Seventeen years later, Talisa is now married with three children and still lives in her HOME, Inc. home. The current mortgage balance is $28,000 with an assessed value of $96,900. To top it off, her monthly mortgage payment is only $567!

Talisa is still employed by the state and doing well. She expressed a lot of pride in maintaining a “nice little affordable home.” In past years she has strongly considered upgrading to a larger home and selling, but at the same time, she didn’t want payments to increase. Talisa loves how comfortable her home is how it still fits the needs of her family.

We take pride in hearing from past clients and the success they have had. Talisa is one of many incredible HOME, Inc. success stories.