At HOME, Inc. we have many programs to help fill the needs of our community. One of the more prominent programs within HOME, Inc. is our Homebuyer Education program

Through Homebuyer Ed, we provide counseling and classes for people at all stages of the home-buying process. Some people call or email us when they are just starting to think about buying a house and want to know where to start. Other people want to know what sorts of loans might be appropriate for them. Some people come to us for pre-purchase counseling if their loan or grant requires that they meet with a HUD-certified counseling agency. Other people have already bought their homes, and are looking for information on topics that can range from refinancing their mortgage to finding contractors. Most of our services right now are one-on-one, but once we start meeting with clients in person again we’re hoping to start classes for first-time homebuyers again.

We do our best to fulfill the needs of our community members and clients, and are extremely proud of our Homebuyer Education program and counselors!